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RE: First Looper Reminiscence

A shout out for tunnels in Portland! In 1974 my high-school music 
class stole into the tunnel which carries Forest Park runoff under 
the NW Thurman Street bridge. We hiked down the 6-foot diameter pipe 
a good quarter mile, and recorded a duet for flute and sewage. Didn't 
know for years it rhymes with newage. Actually, the water was pretty 
clean then, and the echo was wonderful; maybe a few notes are still 

That same year, we threaded the tape across the room between a couple 
Sony TC-630's for the first time. I get all teary-eyed remembering 
those lovely silver lever switches which bent so easily, the SOS knob 
and the serious clunking solenoids inside: 

-Alex S.

At 11:14 AM -0700 8/20/01, DaViD AuKeR wrote:
>"Natural" looping?: Playing my flute in a tiled pedestrian tunnel under
>Barbur Blvd in Portland - great echo/sustain.  Careful to stay at the
>windward end, so the smell of urine from tunnel visitors blew the other