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Re: Cottage Cheese, Hedewa, Rolling Stones, First Looper Reminiscence

At 09:10 PM 8/18/01, you wrote:
>[Stephen P. Goodman]
>While it's true that many folks could have cottage cheese between their 
>and you wouldn't know the difference...
>  mmm, cottage cheese.  ...wouldn't know the difference between the taste 
>eating cottage cheese and eating brain?
>  Hedewa7, is hedewa from a Tibetan Buddhist word for a loud sudden, 
>startling sound made by a lama in the middle of people's meditation?
>  In relatedly, Buddhist/sound subject matter, this morning "I can't get 
>satisfaction" reminded me of the "First Noble Truth" of Buddhism.  Have 
>other people had that similarly non-transformative revelation?
yes, now that you mention it.

>  My first quasi-looper was my friend's Casio SK-1.  The year was 1989.  
>were Disco Equilibrium.
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