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Cottage Cheese, Hedewa, Rolling Stones, First Looper Reminiscence

[Stephen P. Goodman]
While it's true that many folks could have cottage cheese between their 
and you wouldn't know the difference...

  mmm, cottage cheese.  ...wouldn't know the difference between the taste 
eating cottage cheese and eating brain?
  Hedewa7, is hedewa from a Tibetan Buddhist word for a loud sudden, 
startling sound made by a lama in the middle of people's meditation?
  In relatedly, Buddhist/sound subject matter, this morning "I can't get 
satisfaction" reminded me of the "First Noble Truth" of Buddhism.  Have 
other people had that similarly non-transformative revelation?
  My first quasi-looper was my friend's Casio SK-1.  The year was 1989.  
were Disco Equilibrium.

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