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Re: MIDI live looping

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From: Nic Roozeboom <nicroozeboom@hotmail.com>
>Are there any people of experience with a simple MIDI "looping device" - I
>know, I know, it's called a sequencer - but most sequencers I've seen 
>lend themselves well to a live loop-playing style I'd like to perpetuate:
>hands on the instrument (guitar, in my case) and feet on the pedals, 
>buttons & twiddly knobs.

Hi Nic,

This doesn't fit your requirements because a mouse and monitor are 
But Director-S is the sequencer software that runs on the Roland S-550 
It's a pattern/song based sequencer (no linear tracks).  My method of 
up events in a pattern (real time recording mode) seems as if it might be
adaptable for live performance use.  A friend of mine uses a laptop running
Cubase (I think) that lets you set up a loop (of one or more measures).  
But I
think that he doesn't do it in real time.  Perhaps someone on this list 
knows of
a sequencing package that can be used in this manner?


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