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Re: (OT) Copyright in a Sampled World...

In a message dated 8/17/01 8:13:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
caliban@darklock.com writes:

I think that's why so many obviously untalented musicians
become popular: they sound good.

i would not consider myself a "talented" musician, my compositon, when there
is any, is always quite simple.....but i "sound good" or so ive been
told.....whats interesting to me is the fact that i work at sounding "gooder"
more than i work at becoming  more "talented".....huh?.....:)m
p.s. perhaps a dumb question: why do many of you "loop" old posts into your
post i.e. i have the same, oft times "long" posts pop up several times in a
row verbatim.....my memory is not that bad yet