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Introduction, and question on DeltaLab CE 1700 Compu Effectron

I'm new to this forum and site--I found it a while ago after looking for
info on looping. A great site, and I've really enjoyed the Loopers Delight
sound samples--some very cool stuff!
I do have a question for anyone who might be able to help me: I've just
gotten a DeltaLab CE 1700 Compu Effectron, but with no manual...after the
unit boots-up it seems to freeze in either the bypass mode or on a delay
setting. When it does function it's stuck in a delay setting. My intuition
is getting me no where with this unit! It's also a little warm on the right
side by the AC cord. The unit looks like it's mint, and it does seem to be
behaving in some manner, I just can't figure it out. Any one out there know
these, and can you give some pointers on how to work it? Are there any
manuals archived or available for these? ANY help will be appreciated.
Once again, a great site, and some inspiring stuff here!

and thanks,