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RE: Basic intro (OT) I Need A Drop !

I guess I am a LITTLE Loopy, (no pun intended... I think ?). But I want the Accapella, so that I can mix it into my Music Montages.... And if you use music under the vocals, they might clash with my music..... See I am thinking ahead..... I will sweeten the deal... the first 5 "acceptable" drops, will get a free copy of Loops For ACID, from my immense library !

Lucien E. Darthard
A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.



No music behind it? what are ya? nuytz?

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I need a Drop for my radio show, something like "You Are In The Mix With Dj Devious D", I will take a MP3 or .WAV file !

Be creative... no music behind the vocal though, and you can use any effect you want. I can't pay you for this, because this is for a College Radio Station (we are non profit). Just make your magic and send the attachment to Dj_Devious_D@Hotmail.com !

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