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RE: Basic intro (OT)

Title: RE: Basic intro (OT)

Not to mention every sample can be processed, just as every note can. We
have a near-identical array of effects to apply.

** oh yeah. not to say that there isn't a number of holes in the train of thought that i left the station with.

i guess for me there is the whole issue of orchestration and the infinite possibilitites that it holds - - and then the nuances, etc. you get into the creation of these things and it's not just about notes. now you can sample this stuff, but *for me* i find it more interesting to start with "the creation of the thing" than with sampling it . . . and i don't think i can acurately describe why i feel that way. maybe it's the difference between a painting or one of those collages made of polaroid photos that david hockney does; i find them interesting but they don't necessarily move me in the way that paint on canvas does. for me, maybe the photo collage doesn't hold the same realism (how's that for a paradox?) and impact that the painting does - - similar with the sample collage???? dunno.

Studio. I can't play live for shit using samples. If I'm going to get up
on stage and play something, it's either a drum set or a guitar. (I'm
not a good enough bass or keyboard player to play live.)

** see to me that is pretty interesting. you don't have interaction involved in your sample manipulations in a live sense. food for thought.

lots of interesting stuff follows. some of which i'll pull out of context (or not!).

I'm an arrogant bastard,
so it usually works like something of a dictatorship...

** ah perfect - - you're a composer ;-) - - i can relate.

Combination. Sometimes I think "this will sound good", and it sounds
like shit. Then I either have to switch samples or tweak something, and
sometimes I'm not really sure *why* it sounds like shit so I just futz
around till it sounds good. The most common problem I have is that I
have a sound in my head, and then I can't reproduce it -- but in the
process of trying, I find something else entirely different that I think
sounds good. Then that sends me off in a whole other direction. I
actually don't think I've ever sat down with a project in mind and
completed that project as originally intended.

** most of this sounds like standard compositional fare. have the idea try to implement it, idea takes on life of its own and struggles with composer for supremacy of direction . . .

i'm into trying to reproduce stuff in my head out in the air and i'm interested that your methodology seems to frustrate you in this regard.

also, since where i come from is a place of interaction and improvisation in a live sense, the way that you do sample manipulations provides an interesting conceptual grind.

interesting stuff . . .