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Re: Basic intro (OT)

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 18:42:46 -0400, "Liebig, Steuart A."
<Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com> wrote:

>i guess for me there is the whole issue of orchestration and the infinite
>possibilitites that it holds - - and then the nuances, etc. you get into 
>creation of these things and it's not just about notes. now you can sample
>this stuff, but *for me* i find it more interesting to start with "the
>creation of the thing" than with sampling it . . . and i don't think i can
>acurately describe why i feel that way. 

I think it's sort of like the parent/teacher difference. A teacher
influences many young minds, while a parent influences only a few -- but
the influences are very different. You can have a parent and not a
teacher, while you can't have a teacher and not a parent. The teacher
also has only a limited amount of control over the average child, while
a parent exerts a strong degree of control throughout the child's life. 

>i'm into trying to reproduce stuff in my head out in the air and i'm
>interested that your methodology seems to frustrate you in this regard. 

But that's what I'm frustrated by. I can usually find something close to
what I want and tweak it to be closer, but it's still almost never what
I want. If I knew what to use and how to use it to get the sound I
wanted, I would. But I can't effectively define the sound I want except
to say "it sounds kinda like this but not quite".

>also, since where i come from is a place of interaction and improvisation 
>a live sense, the way that you do sample manipulations provides an
>interesting conceptual grind. 

See, that's what live shows ought to be about. If you can't track the
crowd and have that give-and-take, you may as well be a CD. So if the
musical methodology doesn't fit that process, you either use a different
methodology or don't play live.