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Re: Mp3īs ID tag on MP3.com...

I'd not checked on that one.  Let me have a look.

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From: "Alx" <gendel777@yahoo.com>
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Sent: 15 August 2001 07:54 AM
Subject: OT: Mp3īs ID tag on MP3.com...

> Hi, what kind of software do you use to write the ID
> tag on a .mp3 file?, I did that with Winamp and in my
> windows media player and winamp that info does appear
> but I uploaded some songs to MP3.com and the ID tag
> info disappeared of the mp3 file itself, both on the
> low file and hi fi versions and also on the download
> option, Why is that? I just send an email to mp3.com
> support asking for that but I wanted to ask that here
> too īcause Iīve downloaded many files of mp3.com from
> artists on this list and almost all of them have the
> ID tag inside the mp3 file, how do you do to keep it
> inside the mp3 file on mp3.com?.
> Thanks.
> Alex.
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