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Re: Mp3īs ID tag on MP3.com...

I've checked some recent uploads to my site on mp3.com, and the bastards 
indeed CHANGING THE ID TAGS!  All copyright information has been removed.
The genre as well, making the default first one, "Blues", a bit ludicrous
for ambient music, don't you think?

Thank you, bleeding Universal/Vivendi!  And you folks laughed when I said
they were up to no good.  Combine if you will the REMOVAL of my copyright
information with the bits in the pending legislation (posted, analyzed and
summarized at http://www.earthlight.net/Thoughts002.html) and an agenda
begins to emerge.

Again, I call upon those of us not presently sucking at the teat of one of
the Big 5 record companies - and even those who are, that are brave enough
to do so - to begin a boycott of their system, removing our material,
placing it elsewhere, and letting the world know WHY.

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Subject: OT: Mp3īs ID tag on MP3.com...

> Hi, what kind of software do you use to write the ID
> tag on a .mp3 file?, I did that with Winamp and in my
> windows media player and winamp that info does appear
> but I uploaded some songs to MP3.com and the ID tag
> info disappeared of the mp3 file itself, both on the
> low file and hi fi versions and also on the download
> option, Why is that? I just send an email to mp3.com
> support asking for that but I wanted to ask that here
> too īcause Iīve downloaded many files of mp3.com from
> artists on this list and almost all of them have the
> ID tag inside the mp3 file, how do you do to keep it
> inside the mp3 file on mp3.com?.
> Thanks.
> Alex.
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