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Re: Sp-202 loop pop

I beg to differ my friend. The SP303 is a far better machine, than the SP 202. The SP 202 uses the Smartmedia card for RAM purposes. Storage and backup only, the sounds can not be loaded to the card for edit.

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From: Mark
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Subject: Re: Sp-202 loop pop
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 20:55:33 -0700
yeah, what your getting is a pop due to a sudden change in frequency because
you've cut a waveform at a point where it isn't at "zero" This is called the
zerocrossing point. You're probably better off sampling it into a computer
and using a decent audio editor to either fix the loop in and out points, or
do a very quick fade to nothing at the begining and end of the loop. Then,
use a smart media reader/writer to put it on the Flash card that goes into
the 202. I have the 303, but I imagine the 202 works pretty similarly.
Another way of doing it is to use the fine loop length control to try and get
at a point where the sound is at "zero" There should be specific
instructions in your manual.
(sine@zerocrossing.net ha ha)
klem klemmingberg wrote:
> I was slapping a loop into my SP-202, a repeating pattern from a synth.
> My problem was that regardless of how I set the length, I always got
> a pop. I sampled at different levels, through a compressor, etc.,
> but still got the pop. I don't know if this is a common occurrence
> with the sp-202 (I've only had it a couple of weeks, & this is the first
> instance of this problem.)
> My suspicion is that it has to do with varying volume levels & frequency
> content at the start & end points (the synth patch has rises & falls, but
> is never free of a little noise.) I suspect the problem could easily
> be solved by a crossfade function, which the 202 does not appear to have.
> My questions are two:
> 1. Any one have any suggestions for disposing of the pop on the 202?
> 2. Are there any relatively inexpensive looping devices out there with
> a crossfade feature of some sort.
> thanks
> T om

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