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RE: OT- 5.1 or DTS recording

i, too, would be interested in hearing from anyone who is making their own
dts recordings. i am currently setting up such a system and anticipate 
operational in 3-4 weeks. i can refer other beginners to the electronic
musician magazine website; do a search there under 'dts' or 'surround 
and read the articles they provide. there's some good stuff there.


> hiya all,
>       off topic I know but hey that never seems to be an issue here ....
> In this vast array of musicians has anyone recorded in DTS audio
> yet ? A few
> weeks ago there was a thread discussing 'octophonic' recording where 5.1
> digital surround was discussed but no mention of DTS. I am a film fanatic
> (when I'm not playing guitar) and enjoy a pretty good home cinema setup. 
> have DTS decoders and until last week though this was fantastic for
> films.... then I found a DTS audio disk of The Police. Now I like
> the Police
> ... not a huge fan but it's easy listening compared to what I
> would usually
> listen to... BUT OMG it is fantastic .... the clarity of sound and
> separation of instruments is awesome. Think of your favourite all
> time music
> track ... well, you know how the hairs on the back of your neck stand up
> when you hear it ? It had that effect on me immediately and
> continually ever
> since. If you have not yet experienced this I urge you to visit your 
> Home Cinema specialist and ask for a demo of a DTS audio
> recording - it will
> cost you nothing and I guarantee you will be impressed.
>       Since then I have done a little research in this area as I would
> like to produce some of my recordings in DTS format. I have found some
> software which will take six digital audio tracks (Left front, left 
> centre, rear left, rear right and sub-bass) and produces a DTS disk image
> which when recorded to CDR media can be inserted into a DVD player and so
> long as a DTS decoder is present in the setup you will hear it in full
> 'certified' DTS. (The process for techies is called DTS encoding) I know
> this will take a time to prepare the digital audio tracks
> initially but the
> software I have seen is relatively cheap (it's called SurCode CD
> Professional software encoder for DTS Digital Surround) at $499
> Url for anyone else interested is:
> http://www.minnetonkaaudio.com/SurCode_CD_Pro_3.htm
> Does anyone out there already use this ? If so how about a quick
> review from
> your perspective ?
> I would also be interested in any info anyone has on recordings of this
> nature.
> Many thanks
> Love this list ... I find daily gems of information here
> Glyn 'my company has the longest disclaimer in the world ever...' Merga