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RE: Audio routing

At 02:03 PM 2001/08/13 -0500, someone wrote:
>I wonder if you could just get the 8in 8out model, use 2 of the ins and
>outs for the mains and the other six connected to other pieces of
>effects processing gear for routing?

I would think that that's probably the most common use of a SwitchBlade.

>If this would be possible, you
>could then just use a single space line mixer and essentially have, in 2
>spaces, an 8 stereo channel mixing system with 6 aux busses (or even
>master inserts followed by auxes, etc.).

You wouldn't even need the mixer - just patch the effect returns' ins to 
the outs that you've called the mains.

Download the WinBlade software and try it out.