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Re: Audio routing

If you happen to have a grand or two to throw at this, you might
want to look into the Sound Sculpture matrix routing gear:


The nice thing is that they're programmable, so you wouldn't
need to manually tweak your aux sends on your mixer to change
your effects routing, you could use a footcontroller or
something instead and leave your hands free to play.

(thinking about selling the car for one myself ...)

MIDI controllable rack mixers/aux expanders might work too for
cheaper.  Don't know of any offhand.  Anyone know of cheaper
alternatives to the Switchblade products?



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> Thanks Luca for the response.
> I have checked the archives, but I guess I am not using the
> engine properly to return what I am looking for.
> Regards,
> Steve
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> >
> > Steve, you can see a lot of different set ups in the
> > the thing it seems everyone is trying to do is put the
looper in a
> > position
> > that allows it to record processed sounds, but also to
process the
> loop
> > itself when it's been recorded.
> > you can use aux sends to feed its input and make its out
come in
> through a
> > channel strip.
> > you can put other effects on the other auxes (making them
come back in
> the
> > mix through channels, not with the aux returns).
> > the more auxes a mixer have the best it is for this topic,
also they
> > should
> > be pre-fader ones.
> > when you have just a few auxes you can find help with the
alt. strips
> (the
> > ones you usually use for a multitracker recorder, also
> "groups").
> > anyway, take a piece of paper, a pen and a bunch of short
cables and
> have
> > fun, audio routing is a very fascinating thing to loose your
head with
> and
> > it affects your style very much. (the best it would be let
your style
> > affect
> > the audio routing)
> > my best,
> > luca