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Re: Reaktor - looper construction possible ?

>  > I believe there is already an echoplex emulation in the user archives.
>I believe you're right, though I think it's an emulation of the old 
>rather than the EDP.

I searched fro "Echoplex" and "loop" and could not finde it...

Could you please give us more of a link to this? I find it an 
important item, to be remembered on the LD site under Tolls...

>  > > Reaktor is fantastic, I'd urge you to buy it even if it couldn't do 
>>  you
>>  > describe below.
>>  >
>>  > However, I'm pretty sure you could do it all. The only thing that 
>>  > obvious to me is how you'd do the tap tempo, but I'm sure it's 
>>  (I
>>  > just went to
>>  > http://www.native-instruments.net/index.php?userlibrary_us
>>  > and searched for 'tap tempo' and it came up with something.)
>  > >
>  > >


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