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Re: UPS power backup...

>>They definitely work... I have [a UPS] here at work which was about $75 
>bucks which is working nicely. I have one friend who has a Furman rack 
>mount one which gives him about  hour of time.

> Hi Miko, Wow, I was just concerned with keeping the loop going through a 
>_momentary_ power loss, not a rolling blackout! You know, like when an 
>inebriated audient trips on your extension cord for a second or 
>something...  There's no issue with it needing additional filtering or 
>conditioning? It's clean power?

I don't know how clean the power is on my UPS at work, but my friend 
reports that the Furman UPS/conditioner has been great (this is 
second-hand... I can't afford one meself). 


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