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Re: Request for new Echoplex feature

Chris Muir...
>> This is one of my long-time gripes with the EDP. What you can do over 
>MIDI is to virtually press buttons in the EDP UI. You can't directly 
>address the underlying functionality. I've directed enough whining about 
>this to Kim and Eric Obermuhlner (sp?) in the early days of the EDP to 
>fill a swimming pool.

> Interesting.  I'm not clear on what you mean by "address the underlying 
>functionality".  Can you describe this more?

Eg. Instead of the current system of programming between 1 and 4 of the 
base parameter (cc36) value (or note on) and another base cc value + 
<number in parameter row> to get to a function, then that value the 
correct number of times to get to the function setting... you would just 
program 1 cc value and you're there. This is a major gripe of mine as 
well... The Digitech PMC-10 handles this ok, but this is still very 
oblique IMO. I hate the menial labor involved in dinking with midi control 
of the EDP

So... There's 4 parameter rows and 7 functions in each row. Because you're 
controller doesn't know what state the EDP is in you need to program one 
'long press' so you're starting from the correct and predictable point. 

For example... If you want to change a parameter on the Insert function 
(it's in parameter row 2, function 4) You'll need to do a long press of 
the parameter button (I just do this manually) then send 2 more presses of 
cc36, then send cc41 <n+5> (this just gets you to the function) then the 
correct number of presses of cc41 to toggle around to one of the four 
available parameters. So you could have a total of 7 cc's required to 
arrive at your destination. 

This is doable, but fraught with many possible pitfalls, all of which I've 
fallen into using midi with the EDP. So was it economy which caused this 
system? One cc value for parameter and 7 more to get to all other 

Assigning a unique value to everything requires a base minumum of 28 cc's. 
Each function might have up to 4 choices available. Let's say an average 
of 3 to be generous. That's 84 cc's... Probably less. What's up with this 
Kim? Is it going to be unique cc's for the next upgrade or the scrolling 
system now in place?


Miko Biffle - Miko.Biffle@asml.com
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