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UPS for looping?

Tonight as I was happily engrossed in my rig, multiple loops a'blazin',
thinking "How much MORE fun could I possibly be having on such a hot and
humid evening?", with nary a warning the power fluctuated, the lights
dimmed and, of course, I experienced the inevitable loopus interruptus. It
happened twice about an hour apart, only for about a half a second each
time, but enough to say goodbye to the contents of volatile memory, and
grind my fun right to a screeching halt.

It got me to thinking; have any of you experimented with using an
Uninterruptable Power Supply on your racks and pedalboards? I dunno, would
it work? Maybe a UPS would keep the loop going through power blinks, and
give a little time to shut down properly in the event of an actual power
failure. I've seen them for as low as $50-$80, but I don't know too much
about them and have never really heard of anyone using them for anything
but computer gear. Any thoughts?