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Re: Echoplex manual discussion online

Thanks for the new thread, whoever got this started... Thanks for all this 
great information Kim!

This is why I own an EDP... I don't care how bitchin' other loopers may 
be... There's just no denying that the EDP defines a looping paradigm no 
one else has entered yet. You'll still have to get an EDP to handle things 
like this. Maybe I WILL get a second one for stereo operation!


Miko Biffle - Miko.Biffle@asml.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions!"

>>> Miko queried:
>>>OK... I want to know if you can insert (replace mode) while 
>multiplying? The other modes don't seem to apply here because they mess 
>with the time structure of the multiply, but I'd love to have the ability 
>to replace while doing a multiply. Anyone?

>> So I gave it a whiz! And it sure does replace!  'Course I had to turn 
>the quantize off, as well as setting insert to replace, but when I 
>multiplied and then inserted DURING multiply, it elegantly inserted audio 
>which did not include the material being multiplied!

Kim wrote... 
> yes, that is correct, but there is much more.