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RE: Echoplex manual discussion online

Title: Echoplex manual discussion online
This is one of the best idea I've seen on LD. I for one, not being a user, just the chap who has to get them through production, get asked many 'user' related questions and to be honest, the manual can be very confusing. We have talked about re-writing it, but there only a few who know enough to do it successfully and it would take loads of time. Kim is too busy as is Matthias so a collective input would be ideal, with Matthias & Kim correcting anything that is completely wrong.
If this went well, I would take all of the explanation information and print it up into a new manual, to be sent out with future production and for current users to have as reference.
Kim will have to agree to this, but I'm sure he will see the benefits to all.
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Subject: Echoplex manual discussion online

I may be alone on this, but I don't read manuals. I keep them nearby and refer to them when needed. Thus I never "master" any device, I only grasp key features.

Last night I opened my EDP manual to read about Midi dumps and the like. THis is all new to me and although it was straight forward, I was a bit confused and wished i had someone to ask more about it or show me how they use the feature.

Here's the point. I thought I would propose an EDP manual study on line. Each week we will go over each chapter. This will give everyone in the group a chance to discuss how they use a particular parameter and espicially what equipment.

Not every chapter will of interest to all but for the benefit of all we should go week to week, a chapter at time. My hope is what we all can learn form this will increase our looping experience, I know it will mine.

Also it will make a great acrhives.

Any takers?