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Echoplex manual discussion online

Hi all--
I figured I would jump right in on this--
BTW, Kim prefers plain text to HTML--
The MIDI dump is not the most elegant feature of the EDP.  I have not tried
this feature, but because the sample size is huge and MIDI sample dump is
slow, most people don't use it.  I do know from what I have heard that 
a handshake (MIDI In and Out) makes it faster.  I believe most folks just
resample with whatever digital audio recorder they are using (computer,
hardware, whatever).  Was there a specific problem or question?
As far as record (which is, as the manual says, "where it all starts"),
there are a few options here--ending with a different button, setting
RecordMode to sustain, the long press--but mostly, record is pretty 
forward.  Anybody?