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Re: who fixes EDPs?

Sounds like a digital problem. My educated guess would be the A/D or the
D/A converters. As you would assume A/D means analog to digital
converter and...I'm sure soldering will be required. In you need
assistance, email me. I will be out on the road for the next 10 days
though. Hope this helps...

Be Well

Will Brake
Soul Fruit
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spaceloop wrote:
> I've been a lurker for awhile now, I've posted a few times, but now I 
> help...I need help finding a competent EDP repair person. Every loop I
> make is very noisy, not noisy like it's clipping but noisy like amplified
> tape hiss but "digital" sounding. I've replaced the memory and I even put
> the old OS back in to see if it was a problem with the upgrade. Now, I 
> have somebody do the gain mod as outlined in the FAQ....but the 
> of this individual is/was questionable and the shop he worked at is now
> closed and I can't find him...incidentally , he was an authorized Gibson
> technician and Gibson did tell me to go to him for Echoplex issues. Could
> the mod be the problem? The dry signal going thru the unit is fine, it's
> only the loops that are noisy...wouldn't this indicate a problem with 
> audio path?
> Any help would be appreciated especially if it helps fix my baby! :-)
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