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Echoplex manual discussion online

Title: Echoplex manual discussion online

I may be alone on this, but I don't read manuals. I keep them nearby and refer to them when needed. Thus I never "master" any device, I only grasp key features.

Last night I opened my EDP manual to read about Midi dumps and the like. THis is all new to me and although it was straight forward, I was a bit confused and wished i had someone to ask more about it or show me how they use the feature.

Here's the point. I thought I would propose an EDP manual study on line. Each week we will go over each chapter. This will give everyone in the group a chance to discuss how they use a particular parameter and espicially what equipment.

Not every chapter will of interest to all but for the benefit of all we should go week to week, a chapter at time. My hope is what we all can learn form this will increase our looping experience, I know it will mine.

Also it will make a great acrhives.

Any takers?