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musician's fiend

oh god, here we go again.

mf, initials well deserved, really raise the question, "when does 
negligence become fraud", *whoops!* i didn't say that word, i meant 

here in nys we happen to have very tough b&s laws (initials again well 
deserved.) i've never heard of anyone calling mf on it, but i try not to 
concentrate on the negative. still, i wonder if there isn't an almost 
class-action level of ineptitude in play here.

we've all had the kind encounters with them that beg the question "how 
could any company could be so disorganized and still survive?" (well, 
there WAS the chrysler bail-out...)

i'll tell anyone who cares that not one of the 4 orders i placed with them 
was fulfilled properly, and not one of the errors in fulfillment was in my 
favor, either. they can't even seem to honor my requests to discontinue 
catalog mailings (they SAY they'll stop sending em, but like a bad dinner 
they keep coming back.)

but i'll also be fair and say that, after an amount of whining on my part 
that varied in intensity from a simple forlorn request to something a lot 
like screaming and yelling, i got what they advertised. it just seems like 
you order the item you want to get, and they ship the one they want to get 
rid of.

as threadfodder, mf rants get almost cushingly predictable. kim, is there 
any way we could just put some kind of "musicians friend warning label" on 
the website and still avoid libel suits? only kidding. sort of.

spleen vented, soapbox vacated


>Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:44:13 -0500
>From: "Pedro Felix" <PedroFelix@worldnet.att.net>
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> >>>> > on the list, there's myself, anti:clockwise (who's playing on
> >>>> > night
> >>>> > at the Pink Pony),

thanks fr th plug! hope you can make some portion of it. i'd add "should 
a good one", but you really never can tell!