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Re: Gig Spam: Mixtape from Mars in San Francisco. Friday June 1st.


hey...have a great show.  I was fortunate to catch the ali khan band 
at ashkenaz in berkely several years ago while visiting the area.  i 
was familiar with qawwalii, but they just blew me away with their 
eclectic mix.  coming from the jaded, 'more alternative-than-thou' 
school of music...what a joy to see these folks having a total blast 
on stage with tight musicianship, as well.  EVERYBODY was dancing 
that night...

have fun!


>Howdy Loopers,
>my full band, Mixtape from Mars, will be opening for the
>Ali KhanBand in San Francisco this friday, June 1st. We've got
>overtones, vocal
>percusssion, a brand new Blue Man ORgan, didges, air trumpet,
>and of course it all runs through my pair of loopers and barely
>delay boxes.