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Gig Spam: Mixtape from Mars in San Francisco. Friday June 1st.

Howdy Loopers, 
my full band, Mixtape from Mars, will be opening for the 
Ali KhanBand in San Francisco this friday, June 1st. We've got
overtones, vocal
percusssion, a brand new Blue Man ORgan, didges, air trumpet, 
and of course it all runs through my pair of loopers and barely
delay boxes. 


Here's the announcement:

Welcome back to Mars! News this week is that we're playing in San
Francisco as one of the opening acts in the 246(i) World Remix series.

This is the first of a series of world music concerts sponsored by the 
sound lab at CELLspace. The headliner is the Ali Khan Band, a mix
of Qawwali, bhangra, funk, hip-hop and dance. Check out this article in
Asia Week for more description:

We're one of the opening bands, along with JouJou, 
a women's a cappella group who sing 
Balkan, Appalachian, Italian and Greek songs, 
and describe themselves as 
singing goofy international folk jazz! 
Check out http://www.joujousings.com for more of their schtuff.

OK, here's the stats:

where: CELLspace
       2050 Bryant between 18th & 19th in the mission, in San Francisco

when: Friday, June 1st, 2001
      8:30 pm.

Reservations: recommended.  
              sound@cellspace.org or call : 415-430-1269 ext.2126

OK, now just in case you don't remember us, 
Mixtape from Mars is a loose techno tribal collective specializing in
odd sounds
from homemade and store-bought instruments. You might hear vocal
throat singing, didgeridoo, the toob, drum & bass rhythms, and drones. 

So your buddy just got back from the club scene on Mars; brought you
a mixtape. Check this out: they got killer vocal percussion (that
guy can *sing* jungle rhythms), overtones and deep throat singing, a
didgeridoo player, some guy chanting into a 12 foot long silver toob,
phunky samples. Yow! what else.

At this show:

   Andrew Chaikin's vocal percussssion and kargyra snort singing
   Barbara Jaspersen sings soprano vox
   Achut Reddy plays didges and flutes
   Simran pulls his tablas out of storage, and
     built a blue man organ just for this show. 
   Rob Penn will be bringing us his inimitable muted air trumpet
   Deborah Ben-Elizer joins us for the first time with her vocal jams. 
   And we hope we manage to convince John Cornwell to 
     come and play the tooob. 

More data:

Have fun!