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Re: R: fx loop expander

8 cc's is what it takes to have complete control over the DMC GCX Expander 
relay switcher... Some of the Bradshaw boxes have 4 relays, but then many 
folks have a couple of them... If you want to * complete * control over 
the boxes you have to be able to switch all of the loops simultaneously. 


>>> rich@nuvisionsca.com 05/29/01 02:02PM >>>
wow...8 cc controllers...controlling what?  that's a lot of shoegazing!

luca, it sounds as if you've got the Rolls Midiwizard down pretty 
good.  I've got one, but the manual seems jibberish to me, and i've 
got a few questions.  if you wouldn't mind...could you email me off 
list if you got some time?



>  >
>>  The MF-1 and MF-2 footswitches can be set-up to send MIDI note 
>>  might make a good EDP controller.  Intriguing!  The manual does not 
>>  enough details though.  Does anybody have one of these units?
>>  Dennis Leas
>Once I had one.
>It is pretty solid and has a good feeling under the feet (you can feel 
>you have pushed)
>4 cc plus 4 switches
>I gave it back because I prefered to have the 8 cc of the Rolls midiwizard
>I think I remember the note messages (called "funny mode" ?) could be sent
>just after having switched by hand a switch on the chassis.