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R: R: fx loop expander

> 8 cc's is what it takes to have complete control over the DMC GCX 
relay switcher... Some of the Bradshaw >boxes have 4 relays, but then many
folks have a couple of them... If you want to * complete * control over the
boxes you >have to be able to switch all of the loops simultaneously.
> -Miko
I've been off this thread's start,so it's difficult to understand what you
are talking about. I can say I am using parallel processing through a 6 
mixer (using also its groups as they were more auxs).
Before this I have been using (very happily) an Advance tube technology 

> >>> rich@nuvisionsca.com 05/29/01 02:02PM >>>
> wow...8 cc controllers...controlling what?  that's a lot of shoegazing!
I am using just 6 of them for volumes, feedbacks, lfos,...
of three different machines

> luca, it sounds as if you've got the Rolls Midiwizard down pretty
> good.  I've got one, but the manual seems jibberish to me, and i've
> got a few questions.  if you wouldn't mind...could you email me off
> list if you got some time?
I agree, the manual is really bad done, mail me your questions, I hope to 

my best,