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SV: Elias Faingersh gig

Title: Elias Faingersh gig
In NY I'll be doing my solo show twice in Ozzie's Coffe 249 Fifth Ave./57 Ave (Park Slope, Brooklyn). June 2th and 9th. at8 p.m
And at "Desmond Tavern" It's Park Ave. between 30th and 31 street June 10th at 8pm.
I play trombone and use old mary Jamman, Lexicon MPX1 and Lexicon MPX100.
If you are in the area you are mostly welcome!
I think it's a good one! :)
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Datum: den 29 maj 2001 02:34
Ämne: Elias Faingersh gig

I'm going to play in NY in a week......let see how it
will work there.......nerves..

Where are you playing?