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Re: Academia [NO LOOPING]

At 9:12 AM +0000 5/23/01, Robert Eberwein wrote:

>Once i was in a graduate seminar where the required booklist totaled 
>345$. I announced to the small class that I had all 7 of these books 
>and would gladly make copies  [of the selected readings] for each 
>student. The Prof blew a cold chill, and made it very clear that 
>this would NOT be appropriate.
>My first master's degree taught me nothing I'd not learned as an 
>undergrad and cost around 20,000$.

At 12:22 PM -0400 5/23/01, Tom Ritchford wrote:

>Well, I think more and more that I was very lucky to go to a 
>Canadian university

I guess I lucked out in most respects, despite going to an American 
university (UCSD). In five years of graduate study I had only one 
class with a text written by a faculty member, and at was Bob 
Erickson's "Sound Structure in Music" which I already had! I also 
managed to avoid filling the U's coffers - I even got paid a stipend. 
That must be why I'm such a brat.

However, faculty politics were an ongoing hazard and I found myself a 
football on occasion. I also experienced the vanishing professor 
problem. I was enrolled for private composition studies with a 
particular Very Famous Composer for two quarters and met with him 
exactly twice. He is now on the faculty at Harvard. Whether he 
actually teaches there I don't know.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202