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Re: attn newcomers (and Kim)

    heheh, I've even gone through my boomerang manual a few times... Some 
the programming tips I just can't seem to remember clearly...  =)


> If there's one thing with modern gear, it's that you have to
> REALLY read and learn to LOVE the manual and go over and over
> it before you can understand the piece.
> I don't mean something like the Line6 DL4, mind you, I've never
> really read the manual too carefully and I have a great time
> with the unit just by experimenting.
> But something like an EDP, or even more, an Eventide/Orville/Kyma...
> you gotta read the manual until it's dog-eared!
> (and the same goes for sound machines like a Kurzweil...)
> /t
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