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Re: hey all from randy clark and crowsong!!!!! (JAWS)

And I bet if you're really nice, Randy might sell you a copy of Gunpoint Poetry, by his old band Jaws.  Lot's of loop content from one of the best bands I have ever seen.  EVER.  If he will, send him cash.  You won't be disappointed.

and if you're on this list Randy, when I lived in Ithaca I remember you telling me of new recordings that were being worked on, live stuff and other new stuff from Jaws.  You moved to SF and that was the last I heard.  I sure would like to buy anything that was done by Jaws after Gunpoint Poetry.

Mark Sottilaro

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 5/21/01 10:19:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
rclark@sirius.com writes:
please give me a yell as to where to send stuff.

i would love to hear your cd.....thanks
michael klobuchar
352 grace st
pittsburgh pa 15211