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RE: HELP!!! Resolution

Title: HELP!!! Resolution
That was going to be my next suggestion.
Glad the show went well but I'd have someone take the lid of your EDP, clean the SIMMs and re-seat the ICs as these problems have a habit of re-appearing; probably halfway through the next gig :-))
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Sent: 23 May 2001 05:23
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Subject: HELP!!! Resolution

Guys --
Thanks for much for your timely replies to my desperate call for EDP help.
The resolution was actually quite funny.
It was working well all day at my  home, and I didn't want to take the chance of dismantling it and fussing with the SIMM chips or whatever is inside there (I'm not too technically oriented).
So I thought I'd just trust that it would work when I got to the gig.
Well, when I set it up it was doing the same thing it was doing first thing in the morning --flashing "Loop 3".
So -- I gave it a well-aimed whack - and fixed it immediately!
The show was awesome.