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RE: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising budget.......

Yeah, thanks,
Sorry for the name calling, not very professional; bad day yesterday.
Trouble is, people will take these comments seriously and ultimately it's
the innocent who suffer!

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> Subject: RE: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising
> budget.......
> At 5:43 AM -0500 5/22/01, Andy Ewen wrote:
> >I know to the outside, Gibson appear to buy and destroy 
> small companies, but
> >the reality is, these guys are usually in serious trouble 
> before Gibson step
> >in; we were. For some it's too late, Opcode being an 
> example. I now know the
> >real reasons for the failure and closure of such businesses 
> and it cannot be
> >blamed on any callous act by Gibson.
> >Having spent quite some time now with Henry Juszkiewicz, I 
> have nothing but
> >respect for him and his vision, he's not the mad 
> megalomaniac some would
> >like to believe.
> Well, I guess I must just hang out with losers. Most of the reports 
> I've gotten over the last ten years or so are that he's a bipolar 
> type who is charming and enthusiastic at the outset but quickly turns 
> into a raging litigator when the acquired company doesn't reach a 30% 
> increase in profits in the first year.
> At 1:27 AM -0700 5/22/01, Kim Flint wrote:
> >And I certainly don't see the point of trying to destroy the 
> folks here who
> >have put so much of themselves into creating new looping tools and
> >instruments for this group. Whether you grasp it or not, 
> that's exactly
> >what you seem to be proposing. Matthias might finally stand 
> a chance to
> >make back some of the large amounts of time and money he 
> invested in all of
> >this. (me too, although not nearly so much.) Why do you want 
> to take us
> >down and deny us that, after all the work we've done for 
> you? It IS all
> >connected. You can't harm one part without harming the other.
> I didn't expect my suggestion to be taken seriously, and I don't have 
> any I'll will toward those on the Echoplex team. I just wanted to 
> provoke some discussion of the faustian nature of doing business with 
> Gibson. Clearly you folks are benefiting from Uncle Henry's 
> benevolent mode. Others have been less fortunate.
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