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Re: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising budget.......

At 11:35 PM -0700 5/21/01, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>Gibson is the "Evil Empire."  My personal plea is that people
>permanently boycott Gibson in memory of the smaller companies they
>have absorbed in Borg-like fashion.

those of us who have managed to work successfully with Gibson for years
without getting ourselves screwed over, and are finally beginning to see
some fruits of all the years if labor we've invested the EDP, would really
appreciate it if you didn't do that.

Afterall, Gibson's put a lot of effort and money keeping this product
alive. Nothing forced them to do that, they just believed in it and
believed in the potential of looping. Since this is a forum about looping,
and the echoplex is a product many people seem to like here, it seems to me
it should be a reason to praise Gibson, not dis them. For years people
complained that Gibson wasn't doing enough for the echoplex. (although that
was still a lot more than most other companies did for looping...)   Now
Gibson is doing something substantial, so we are supposed to hate them for
supporting the looping community?  That makes no sense.

And I certainly don't see the point of trying to destroy the folks here who
have put so much of themselves into creating new looping tools and
instruments for this group. Whether you grasp it or not, that's exactly
what you seem to be proposing. Matthias might finally stand a chance to
make back some of the large amounts of time and money he invested in all of
this. (me too, although not nearly so much.) Why do you want to take us
down and deny us that, after all the work we've done for you? It IS all
connected. You can't harm one part without harming the other.

And for your silly boycott, if you take a look at Gibson's acquisitions,
all of those companies had done an excellent job of destroying themselves
well before Gibson came upon them. Gibson just shops for bargains, of which
there are plenty in the music biz. This is not exactly the land of smart
businessmen. Gibson may not always be easy to love, but blaming them for
the screwups of others seems to be taking it a little far.


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