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What the Repeater makes me long for in my EDP

Overall, the Marin Repeater demo was one of the better product demos I've
seen recently.

Having been to the demo, here is what I find myself most longing for in my 

3. Easy download of the loops for future use. Not going to happen since
it's a hardware change. Yes, there is MIDI sample dump, but I said "easy".

2. Stereo. Not going to happen since it's a hardware change. I think prices
are such that I can get a second EDP for roughly the price of an already
stereo Repeater, so maybe the thing to hope for here is some softening in
the price of the EDP.

1. Audio beat detection. I really want a box that listens to what I'm
playing, figures out the tempo, and uses that to compensate for sloppiness
in hitting the record button to start and stop the loop. That is a software

The pitch shift and speed shift stuff is cool, but I could continue to live
without that.