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Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!


please...no more temptations!  you and your positive musings about 
Logic and all dem plug ins and other softs...and i just got a G4 that 
will actually handle the new stuff...whew...me pockets aren't getting 
any deeper!!!!

to all:

david's OAH cd is a cool listen, plus the acid tracks included are a 
study in themselves...tons of microcosms built into larger 
frameworks.  some of it looks frightfully obsessive!  me and a fellow 
looper are definitely planning a remix!  thanks david.

>rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:
>>To me, this would be the total icing on the cake and the clincher for
>>me getting a Repeater...maybe more than one.  The only reason i've
>>got my Digitech PDS pedals anymore is for just that (and the hold
>keep yer 'analog'-style delays..... (btw, the new guyatone ddl-pedal 
>go for the iced-cake, anyways..... and don't fergit to bring an edp, an
>iced-cake unto itself.
>dt / s-c