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Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

we all accept its consequences.i certainly hope so!!!but for the
uninitiate,i think this is a good place to inject,and dispel a
misunderstanding about 'the law':: The true meaning of "the law"  is not
to give free reign to his readers to indulge every whim that may cross
their imaginations,but rather,to find "Ones" "will" and achieve it,
albeit,if thou chooseth to be a looper............then do it!!!in doing
so,you have conformed with the law.ALL that Crowley is saying is....find
your true desire in life and achieve it.!!! Not really so sinister
,now,is it????                                                       I
must say i am glad to have found such a group of open minded,wellread
folks on this site.glad i stopped by.its been enlightening. on a
personal note '93' to my brother.