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Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

Finally... All roads lead to the Golden Dawn!? This is mania at it's 
best... Crowley, Regardie... Sheesh!


>>> rich@nuvisionsca.com 05/21/01 09:30AM >>>
>- crowley ie: junkie, madman... decent novelist; weird human tho...

zowee...what a thread mutation!

sure, turn that pitch/time stretch knob on your Repeater all ya's 
want...but how fast can you go from DJ's to Crowley?

i love being on this list.

however, if mr. crowley were here and an LD member, i don't think his 
posts would go over well.  me...i don't particularly like 
hyperintelligent, overbearing assholes who take pleasure in confusing 
people.  i'll take Regardie.