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Re: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet

Hi Italo-
I'm sorry that stuff is not up there yet. I do intend to put it up, but
looper's delight is not a full time job for me and I don't always have time
for much work on it. Lately I've been really behind.

So I have to rely a lot on you guys to help me create the site. Sometimes I
get a lot of help, and sometimes I don't. If somebody supplies me
information on something, that is a great start. (as you have done for
Orville.) But then it still has to wait for me to have time to put the
pages together, which can often be a long wait! What is even more helpful
is if somebody can do that step as well, and put together the html for me
too so all I have to do is upload it. All I ask is that it be in the style
of other LD pages with all the correct links. The LD style is kept very
simple to make it easy for anybody to do this.

remember, Looper's Delight is and always has been a community effort.
That's what made it as good as it is. The more YOU contribute, the better
it gets. If you leave it all up to me, it will suck.


At 2:19 AM -0700 5/20/01, Italo De Angelis wrote:
>Hi Kim
>after long time I still don't see any Eventide Orville/DSP7000/DSP7500  
>on LD site since the long and very informative posts of long  ago.
>Still there are uninformative pages on discontinued products like 4000 and
>3000 or on TC2290 & DOD boxes.
>I guess 323 seconds of looping time, 174 seconds of real time
>sampling/editing with indipendent time/pitch stretching,  looping on 
>12 or 16 delay lines at the same time, fractal looping, quad audio looping
>and much more ARE a good thing to know for fellow loopers.
>If you need any more infos, I'll be glad to send you anything you might
>request on it.
>Thank You
>Best    Italo
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>Subject: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet
>> hey-
>> is anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet? I guess it is shipping by now,
>> although I've gotten conflicting stories about that. Since there are no
>> greater gear sluts than those here on LD, I'm surprised we haven't heard
>> any reviews yet!
>> I want to put up a page for it on the Looper's Delight site if it is
>> available, so I'd like to get user reviews from anybody that has 
>> used it. If that is you, please send something in!
>> thanks,
>> kim
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