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Re: playing w/ dj's

spgoodman@earthlight.net writes:
>Nope, a turntable isn't a musical instrument no matter how great it 
obviously, i disagree.

>It might be supremely innovative and sometimes original how some folks
>utilize such an electronic device or sampling unit for that matter to 
>(or more accurately, composite) music, but at the most a turntable can
>only be used AS a musical instrument.
following that line-of-thinking, i might then also conclude (like many 
already have done & may continue to do so, in future) that a looping 
'isn't a musical instrument', either --- indeed, it might be construed as 
step further *away* from actually being a sound-'generator' --- (unless, 
course, it's in a feedback-loop) --- than a turntable;
oddly, i think i've been subject to this attitudinal mien, nearly my 
adult life..... 

>In case anyone's wondering my comment
>wasn't a put-down of turntablists.
ah, then i misunderstood you; sorry!
it sounded so *definitive*, though.....

>I was saying that the collaborative
>dynamic is very, very different. 
yeah. but -not to be fatuous, here- what isn't 'different'?
every interaction w/every individual (&/or set of) musician(s) i've *ever* 
played w/has revealed/grown its own dynamic: drummers, bands, 
100-piece orchestras, sarodists, chainsaws, turntables, etc.....

>When was the last time more than two
>DJs got together in the same room to "play" together, anyway?
i wouldn't know, really; don't get *out* much, these days.
i do know that i've got a buncha vinyl & discs w/multiple tablists upon 

>Sometimes I think you wait for my comments specifically, DT.
oh no, darling!
but they do have a certain..... ummmm..... resonance.....
i mean no harm; just gotta speak-my-nonsensical-piece, here, once inna 
there's kim to thank (or, blame), fer that.
dt / s-c