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Re: playing with a live DJ

>From: "Luigi Meloni" <Luigimeloni74@libero.it>

>I'm working with a pair of
>Djs since 1998, and I have never had that problems. The great thing is 
>sometimes we meet at the house of one of us just to improvise. And we 
>improvise on some loops or beats they take with themselves. ....
>I think it is only a matter of being open-minded.
>Strangely I had more problems with drummers than with Djs.

I do completely improvised stuff with media sources. I guess I could be 
called a DJ these days. (I do jockey discs, but my equipment is a far cry 
from the standard DJ table.) I'm personally very happy to play with others 
in an occasional, improvisational setting. I'm not very interested in 
becoming a regular member of a "band" though. The reasons are:

-I have way too many projects and ideas to fulfill (including non-Dj-esque 
ones) to commit to spending a large amount of time doing the same thing 
the same musicians.
-Patters I've noticed with local musicians (LD'ers who I've met are much 
better than these guys) : Guitarists (not often willing to let other 
instruments occasionally be the "lead" instrument), Drummers (always want 
be loud and rockin' - don't seem to have an appreciation for dynamics or 
quieter moments), Singers (want to be the centerpiece of a band), and 
DJ's (often want the rest of the band to just 'play along' with their 
pre-recorded techno grooves).
-I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to actual songs.
-I'm not crazy about the idea of "Play this progression of notes 4 times, 
then this progression 8 times, then play the chorus."
-I simply haven't met the right musicians yet. It would be really nice to 
meet some musicians who play instruments outside of the standard 
guitar/bass/drums/keys, or who would be interested in trying really 
adventurous things (like trading instruments with other musicians in 

Sure, sure I know. I'm being nitpicky. I guess I'm kind of stuck between 
musical phenomenae. On one hand, I'm not particularly interested in rock 
roll or dance music. On the other hand, I really don't identify too much 
with the academic "new music" community.

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