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Re: playing with a live DJ

Dunno, maybe me and Rick Walker have been lucky. I'm working with a pair of
Djs since 1998, and I have never had that problems. The great thing is that
sometimes we meet at the house of one of us just to improvise. And we don't
improvise on some loops or beats they take with themselves. As one of them
is a classically trained violin player and I play guitar and keys we like 
be the most open-minded we can. Sometimes I start with my EDP, than start
looping something else in parallel on an akai Headrush, and so on (even two
seconds realtime loops on my Korg A1), and as everything gets through my
mixer we like to try to get as many loops together on parallel devices. And
the two Djs interact with loops, create new ones.
I found being in this group just as inspiring as being in my last rock
project (guitar, bass, drums and vocals). And we get pretty well on live
I think it is only a matter of being open-minded.
Strangely I had more problems with drummers than with Djs.
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> That's funny,  I've had the opposite experience of everyone so far.   I
> a wonderful time interacting with DJ Vordo (of the Abstrakt Zone fame)
> I was playing with Haunted By Waters and this weekend, I will be doing an
> interactive set (with looping) with
> World Music/Electronica DJ, Leslie Shill.   It's fun when you get with a
> who is very musical in their approach.
> Several years ago, my world fusion act, Worlds Collide played in Japan 
> we interacted with a few DJs at an Osakan high tech
> nightclub (with the LemonHeads playing upstairs, simultaneously).  It was
> blast.
> Yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)