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Re: repeater

>>> PaulPokr@aol.com 05/18/01 12:09PM >>>
> Actually, know what's really gonna be funny? When the Repeater is 
>released and people start having problems with it like most complex 
>products. The bitching will be most amusing, if history holds true to 

And that will smoke out the people that aren't willing to deal with the 
real nuts and bolts of making technology work for them... (we'll get to 
hear them bitching though...)

It's NEVER seamless... one solution... two more problems... devise new 
workarounds... add mixers for the loopers... try to automate cumbersome 
routines... strip it all back down for simplicity... find out THAT's not 
quite enough... build it back up with newer solutions... It's all 
compromises folks. Determination and persistence is the real answer. Keep 
at it...