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Re: repeater

>Actually, know what's really gonna be funny? When the Repeater is 
>released and people start having problems with it like most complex 
>products. The bitching will be most amusing, if history holds true 
>to course.

paul...how true...and probably the basis for my defensiveness!  i was 
fortunate enough to try out the 'pre' repeater at the LA namm show. 
it was, and is, an awesome leap forward in real time looping. 
however, the interface (software) needs to be seamless and dead-nuts 
on, or people just aren't going to use it.  these were the sentiments 
Damon and I discussed at the show, and was the reason the Repeater 
was delayed.

as much as i want one of these machines...and i'll probably get one. 
(hmmmm...christmas present? i can hear my wife groan already), i will 
wait until they are well out on the shelves and i get a chance to 
actually TRY IT OUT in real life.  $600 bucks is alot of money, is it 
not?  And i'm sure the majority of LD people ARE NOT on the waiting 
list...thus, my bitchy attitude about the complaints regarding the 
Repeater's late arrival.

For all of the wonderful knowledge, music, philosophy, tech geekdom 
and self control this list contains (maybe minus my hot air?), i am 
amazed at the threads regarding the Repeater.  We often come across 
like a bunch of spoiled brats who have been denied their sugar fix...