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iBook + MOTU 828

    This is going to be my recording setup, I believe.  the new iBook
connected to the MOTU 828 interface.  Having read over the online info on
the MOTU (several times), I'm still not 100% clear on its use.  I was
wondering if someone who uses it wouldn't mind emailing me privately and
letting me know how everything works...  ie, can you record multiple tracks
simultaneously?... would you still theoretically need a mixer or does it
completely replace that?...  do you use the recording software that comes
with it (audiodesk)?... etc.

    i apologize for my newbie-ish questions... i've played guitar for about
10 years, and been a computer geek for a lot longer, but I'm still a little
newish to computer audio, and have never been up to speed when it comes to
all the electronic toys for recording / processing .

    Mike Feeney

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