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Re: WAY OT: Help with 4-track?

You might try the products made by Caig Labs- Pro Gold, Deoxit, and theres
another made for rubber parts and faders- I would imaging they are simply
dirty- Cliff
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 10:04 AM
Subject: WAY OT: Help with 4-track?

> I apologize if this is too far off topic (though I do use my four track 
> record my loops).
> I have a Yamaha MT-120 that I've used for about 8 years and it has
> developed an unfortunate short in the some of the switches (the recording
> switches that activate each track).  It will occassionally short (while
> recording no less) and send a less than entertaining fuzz into the
> recording.  If I wiggle the switch I can usually fix the problem.
> My question, does anyone know if this sounds like an easy fix (a dirty
> connection that just needs to be cleaned (and if so, how (just compressed
> air or something else needed)) or does this sound more involved?
> As I said, off topic but given the expertise of the list, I thought
> might take pity on my situation and offer some suggestion (perhaps 
> the archives' :-)
> Just thought I'd add that I've been on this list for the last year or so
> from various accounts and this has proven to be one of the most inspiring
> forums I've been apart of (and most expensive, the gear I've started
> accumulating since I joined is ridiculous (to me at least).
> Thanks to everyone for making this such a great resource.
> Kevin
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