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Thoughts on conflict on Loopers Delight

Ted wrote:
"I suppose that's not cool though.  On this list you're only cool if you
have a Jamman, a Boomerang, and/or Acid Pro.   Don't forget the EDP!"

Hey Guys,    don't you get it?   Everyone is cool on this wonderful list.
Having just completed the exciting and gratifying
FESTIVAL of VOICE + ELECTRONICS (with cool list members Miko B, Simran
Gleason and myself and a cast of
singers who ALL want to go out and by a looper of some kind) which was
populated by EDPs, Jammans, Line 6 Modellers and
Boomerangs,  I realized that I NEVER thought about who was using what brand
of looper,  I only listening to how they were being creative(and boy, was
everybody being creative last night).

I've been looping in performance for 8 years (not counting the 3 minute
echoplex tape loops we used in the early 80's in Tao Electrical)
and I thought I didn't have much to learn about it, until I heard some of
the very cool things that John Whooley and Miko B were doing
last night.   Back to the drawing board (and an expression pedal for my 

This list,  like the general population of most places, can really get
contentious at times.   I honestly  think that, as musicians, we are
ambassadors of our respective cultures to the rest of the world and that we
are pretty fluent in the only world language, music.
This gives us, I think,  a responsibility to be on our best behaviour.  If
we all want to be stronger artists, then we need to have dialogue and
conflict to grow.   I just think that we can all assume 1) that we are all
cool and deserving of respect and the 2) we are all mature enough not
too take things so personally when their are conflicts in ideas.

Someone once said,  "The truth is one and the paths are many".   It's a
pleasure being on the path with you all.

yours, Rick Walker  (Loop.pooL)