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trigger samples

I have placed two drum triggers(piezo) on my bongos with great fun.
I don't remember the manufacture, but I like them.  I am using a reverse 
reverb effects patch and an Alesis QuadraVerb sampler patch set on audio 
trigger/one shot.  With the sensitivity input on the Alesis I can make the 
harder hits trigger the sample.  Softer hits just go through the reverb. 
looks like I could place multipul triggers on one head and through 
sensitivity trigger each independatly depending on how hard I hit and 

Now the questions:
The quadverb only allows one sample.  Is there a multi-sampler with 
inputs?  I guess this would be a drum modual with multi-sample mapping.  

The triggers I bought cost about $30 each.  Is there a part number for 
RadioShack piezo elements that would cut the cost considerably?

Is there anything illegal about having this much fun?
Denis (Capt.Molecule)
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